Privacy policy


I only use session cookies to keep you logged in if you want, to improve your user experience.
I don't send or sale any of your logged session information to any company or person.

Non user

The only information that users who are not registered can give is their email. Your email will only be accessible by the owner of the thread that use your email. If you unsubscribe of the thread your email will be deleted and nobody will be able to have access to it.
I do not send or sale your email to any company or person.

User data

Informations you give in your setting in "proile data" are used to be shown in your profile page. Your profile page is accessible by all registered users, so they will all be able to see data you wanted to give.
I do not send or sale those informations to any campany or person.

Your profile picture and your pseudo will be visible by other user if you subscribe to a thread. Your password and your email is not visible for everyone, even for the owner of the thread. Your instagram and linkedin links will be visible by all users in your profile page.
I do not send or sale those informations to any company or person.

If you desactivate your account all your informations will not be accessible for everybody, but all your interactions and informations will stay on the data base.